When the year is just about to finish, we see weeks of headlines that end with ‘… of 2010’. For example: ‘The best films of 2010 ‘,’The best books of 2010’, ‘The best games of 2010’ … the best of practically everything. Best of all, however, is that, as the selection is made from different perspectives, the results change, never being exactly the same. What a relief. Not all these classifications respond to related criteria, for example, the power of a distributor or publisher over the critic. Anyway, it’s interesting to look at the lists offered by prestigious media sources, if only to compare opinions and discover something new.

And here’s a prestigious source, TIME magazine, which has not only chosen Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, as their personality of the year, but also published this week on its digital version a list of the 50 best websites of 2010. The ranking is organized into 10 different categories: Games, Education, Health, Fitness, Music and Video, Sports, Home, News, Social Media, Travel and shopping, Finance.


'Pintando una canción' Soytuaire.labuat.com

As usual, any classification system is questionable and doesn’t include everything. Where are the literature websites? And those on design? Anyhow, those we’ll be discovering monthly in this section of TheTrendNet, perhaps we’ll agree in claiming that design is a cross-category, and that in order for a site to be chosen as one of the best of the year, it must be well designed, attractive and functional, whether it speaks about the economy or cinema. For that very reason, we recommend that you visit theTIME link and share your views with us. You can start with the website for the song “Soy tu Aire” by Labuat, selected in the music video category (the website, of course, not the group or the song).

50 mejores webs 2010