If you’ve got an appointment and don’t want to arrive late, if you have to deliver some work in a little while or you’ve just been called to remind you that in an hour you’re expected at the dentist, don’t click the link that takes you to Animade TV.

It could be the loss of you, and to be honest, we don’t want to be held responsible for your friends getting annoyed, losing a client and, what’s more, your wisdom tooth starting to ache tomorrow. Because, be warned, on Animade TV you’re going to spend quite a while watching and enjoying the selection of animation-related videos.

On this online TV channel, the materials arrive from all over the world and every animation has its own style. You can watch commercials, videos, visuals, movies and even videos that, although they’re not top quality, still show how, at times, even in the rain words are written and fish are drawn. And, best of all, you can share files and, moreover, let Tom Judd and the other administrators know what you’ve found on the web that you found interesting, or perhaps your own work.

Summing up, Animade TV is one of those blogs where you can get lost, while finding out just how impressed you can really be.