There’s no doubt about it: all things retro are back in fashion. So, looking back at the kind of advertising that was popular a few decades ago can help us be more contemporary. Oh, those wonderful years of Mecano, Hispano-Olivetti, Mirinda … or those days before Warhol got his hands on the Campbell’s soup can and weren’t  even in museums. So far away, yet so near.

It’s not difficult to find vintage advertising images on the web but, for starters, we’d recommend the selection of 50 ads of the 50s and 60s made by and enjoy the fonts, illustrations, composition … as well as items being advertised. We found this website by using Barcelona’s Chiringuito, an interesting blog where you can also find some marvelous links featuring vintage advertising from different countries.

But, to finish off, a jewel that’s worth checking out: three fake ads that adopt the style and characters of the 50’s to advertise Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, no more and no less. They are the result of an anachronistic campaign “Everything Ages Fast” carried out by the MOMA Sao Paulo agency to publicize MAxMidia, a major international seminar event in the field of communication, held in Brazil and Latin America in general.

Because everything is aging rapidly and tomorrow those wonderful years will already be our present!