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We’re not going to talk about El Bosco or his fascinating paintings, but rather, another garden which is also just as delightful: Baubauhaus. And we’re not randomly calling it a garden, but because that’s how it is presented by its very creators, Romanian Andrei Don and Stefan Lucut. They say their page is literally a “lovely garden full of images”.


And so it is, a garden in which to wander through images from different collections: photography, graphic design, illustration, posters, fonts, “Black and White” and finally, “Sexy”, which must be something like the shady part of the garden for over 18’s beyond that point.

Their aim is to gain, spread and share visual inspiration, and they achieve it through the quality of the images they upload and the way in which they are structured. When they started Baubauhaus they used Tumblr, but now they have configured their own platform, continuing the philosophy of giving maximum priority to the images; side by side on a scroll that, we insist, is a real delight.


Hubert Tereszkiewicz

This web adds itself to other pages we reference to find what we are looking for when we want to get inspired, and what we didn’t set out to find in the first place as well. Perhaps this is what places it on the front line alongside other similar platforms such as FFFFound –which we already mentioned in 2009–, Visualize.us or Pinterest.


Petros Afshar

There’s little left to add. As we already once said, sometimes, just sometimes, an image is worth a thousand words. And in this case, worth a stroll rather than a pathway through words. Come in and take a look.