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The days are getting longer, the weather’s improving, the beach is beckoning and soon it will be necessary to get out one’s summer clothes: singlets, shorts, miniskirts. Yes, spring in the air at last and the sap, as they say, is rising. We are all more attractive, and it’s a pleasure to say it, because it’s true that spring is also the time for compliments. And compliments are what we like about this simple website, which basically features the most positive and frequent comments attracted by the portfolios on Behance.

Unspeakable, Bravo!, Cool, Revelation!, Fucking Wild, Love It, Very nice, Truly Amazing, Yes!, Inspiring… Adjectives, emoticons and a host of exclamation marks play a leading role in complimenting good design, as though the portfolios were proudly promenading against a backdrop of sunshine and good vibrations; there is something infectious about vibes as good as these and thanks are owed to Dima Arkatov, the creator of the project. He received more than 1000 likes in only one week. Clearly all of us like praise, positive reviews and optimism.

And it is with words of eulogy that we want to close this springtide post. Yes, eulogy for the websites that have managed to position themselves and create networks enabling artists and designers to display their work. Behance is the best, in our opinion, but Dribbble also merits special mention as a specific site for designers, as do Cargo Collective and Coroflot. Our advice would be to put your portfolios on all these platforms and await what may come in the wake of the compliments, which never go amiss.

More info: http://behancecomment.com