Festivales y eventos de diseño para actualizar la agenda


Notegraphy: texting with (aesthetic) sense


Typography time: from Lascaux to iFont Maker


Mockups, much more than mere sketches


Behance Comment: compliments and good vibes


Ted Talks. Unmissable by design


Toys for children (though not just for children)


Concerning the ethical “no” to the blog design award


Celebrating 25 years of GIF


METAFLOP: experiments in typography


MyPantone 2.2.0


The Noun Project: what if there were a universal language?


Cintiq 24HD Touch by Wacom: with both hands


Baubauhaus: the garden of delights


Alternatives to the small print: sharing fonts


Illustrating doubts: answers for illustrators


Clients from Hell: group therapy


Inspiration/plagiarism: a fine line


The Book Cover Archive: covers for reading images


Once upon a time there were… vintage social networks


PAPER.JS: animations and vectorial graphics


KERNTYPE, a kerning game


Talenthouse: opportunities, recognition and doubts


Inkling: from a sketch on paper to a digital drawing


Compfight: faster searches on Flickr


Colours for all tastes


FRAMED: from new artistic platform to challenge for artists and designers


Reviewing applications: brushes, art and inspiration for design


Because Spring is here: look at the music, listen to the image


From Gadafi to Eco-feedback: design and ingenuity


Today: Poster for Tomorrow


(Some of) The Best Websites of 2010


Mutate to green. Sustainable graphic design


Nostalgia and video games. Canvas Cycle


Those wonderful years


Graphic Insurgency


Activist design. It’s possible


Grabbing our attention. The Big Caption


Animade Tv. An animation blog to get lost in


Arròs covat y Freaklance, two therapeutic series


Dephtcore. Between art and design


TUTS+. Still learning


Web Trend Map. Map of trends in virtual space


Behance Network. Let yourself get tangled up


YellowBird: see the world like never before. Interactive video in 3D


Today and tomorrow


Domestika. Forums for all


Aviary. Can you imagine?


Creative Commons. Common and creative work


Letrag. Of types and characters


FFFFound: Encontrada


Serial Cut™, an honor


Luci Gutiérrez. Light from the lands of holes


Revealing Espaun 256


Alex Trochut. Eye catching looks