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The problem with writing a post like the one I’m about to write now is that it’s hard to avoid it sounding like an advert for a brand’s latest product. But the problem with not writing it is even bigger: how am I supposed keep this information to myself without sharing it if I am still amazed by it, and what I feel like doing is precisely making you feel part of that amazement. In short, weighing up both problems, the second wins. And so, I am writing about the Cintiq 24 HD Touch de Wacom, a tablet with a 24’’ screen and a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution that allows you to work with both hands because it combines a pencil function with its multi-tactile use.


Wacom technology places itself at the disposal of artists, video-artists, photographers, and designers to create an intuitive experience whose possibilities end up implying a change in the way we create and consider the relationship between the artist, the work and its medium. Of course, in order for this to happen, some time has yet to pass perhaps the time it will take for its price to drop (current cost is 3.500 euros).


Work flows in Full HD, 97% Adobe RGB, over 1000 million de colours on the screen, artistic pencil and paintbrush effects, ergonomic support…See for yourselves in the promotional video, which, obviously, tells it far better:



Art History is also the History of Technology. Between minerals and charcoal mixed with animal fat and the bristle brushes of cave paintings and the Cintiq 24 employed by the video artist there lies a whole world, ours, which we can’t stop expressing and reinterpreting through art. We do the same things we’ve always done, but now with both hands on the screen. What will the next change be?

Cintiq 24 HD Touch by Wacom