Let’s suppose I have to write an article for a blog about a holiday I haven’t been on yet. Suppose I want to talk about beaches and sunsets, the smell of sea breeze, and walks along the sand. But as I am in the city and cannot take the photograph myself, I’ll have to find a good picture on the Internet. That’s easy, we’ve all heard of Google Images. However, I decide to try a tool they told me about the other day: Compfight. It’s a search engine that finds images available on Flickr, without having to be signed up to the social network, and brings them up in a panel for you in an instant.

Advantages? Mainly that it lets you filter images by license: Creative Commons for commercial use or without royalties, Seek Original if you’re looking for full size images and Safe Search if we don’t want photos restricted to adults only. What is more, it allows you to download photos in various sizes. You can also search via tags or complete text. And the best part: the time and clicks it saves.

So let’s suppose that, in the end, I might even be able to go to the beach, even if it’s not as heavenly as the one I’ve found for my article.