Differentiating between what’s strictly design and digital art isn’t always an easy task and, in fact, it may not be necessary to establish this kind of dichotomy. We say this because the content of this very post could well be included in the arts section, but if we present Depthcore here it’s because we consider it a useful site for designers to find inspiration, a place where they can discover top quality talents.

In 2002, Justin M. Miller, Kevin J. Stacey and Brian D. Smith founded this artistic collective whose objective is “to illustrate, orchestrate and visually represent the thoughts, hopes and dreams of every corner of the planet”. Yes, in effect, it may sound highly pretentious and, although it doesn’t justify all the excess, they are backed up by the excellent quality of their ideas, based on the link between art and innovation in breaking convention and the repetition of patrons in the world of design.


Daniel Diggle

Depthcore compiles photography, animation, audio and design projects, presented in “chapters” or theme exhibitions that, every 3 or 4 months, show between 50 and 150 works, which have been subjected to a strict and rigorous selection process. Each chapter also features an interview with the creator that the 3 heads of the collective consider to have produced the best work.

They are already on chapter 38, this time dedicated to Freestyle, although there are other issues with themes like femininity (“Her”) or issues as provocative as “A trip to elsewhere”. And in each and every one, there are works that deserve some analysis and, yes, also our deep and sincere admiration. Perhaps that’s where they came up with ‘Depthcore’.