Spawn is the name of a comic that was first published in May 1992 by an American publisher, but above all, and what most interests us here, it is also the tag under which the adolescent Tomás Peña began signing, although using his own, let’s say, unique variation: espaun.

This explains the first half of the artistic name of someone who can be defined as a future promise –as the media have been assuring us since 2006. The second half, 256, concerns the maximum possible number of colours in a gif.

And at last, we know the meaning of Espaun 256, the alter ego of a designer and Motiongraphics animator born in La Unión (Murcia, 1985).

If we began by revealing the origin of his nickname it’s because it tells us a lot about the creative nature of Tomás Peña: it gives us an insight into his interest in suburban influences (graffiti, B-movies…) and his commitment to innovation, both on a conceptual level and regarding the variety of disciplines and techniques (comics, gifs, Stop Motion, etc.).


Espaun 256


But not just that. Taking the word Spawn and changing it into Espaun, is typical of the idea of “Spanglish”. And Tomás Peña is a little bit similar, given that he recently arrived from Los Angeles where he worked for one of the most important post-production companies in the country (Buck), and has returned to Spain to continue to reinvent something that is always present in his work: “all things Spanish ” -from flamenco to the most gypsy of influences- adapted to an innovative personal style.

His return will have to be celebrated.