Friday with…
The “Friday with…” are meetings with artists and groups that are currently a reference in its field to present their work and their artistic career in a readable, fun and approachable format. This coming Friday, December 28th at 20h. will have the presence of Dvein, illustrators, art directors, designers and 3D animators. Dvein work shows a great ability to create worlds somewhere between the real and the imagined in a language away from the conventional. His talent has led them to create the film credits as EVA (Barcelona City Award Design 2012) and Spider-Man 3, gaining recognition and international exposure.

Cultural activities
From 20h. Dynacity, an interactive installation by area3,, gameplaying like a videogame, proposes the construction of a hypothetical city. The movement is the engine that generates buildings and overcomes each of the three phases of the work. Only if the viewer moves, jumps, dances and does not stop, the city is discovered, following his moves, time-travels from past to present, to open up to reflections on the architecture, the identity and memory.
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