Divendres amb… (Fridays with…) are encounters with artists and other groups that are prominent in their field. They present their work and talk about their artistic background in a casual and humorous tone. On the 28th of March, Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué from The Japan Photo Project were the guest artists.

365 days, 1 motor home, 60,000 photographs, 2 points of view, one country, Japan, and many miles driven, result in a book, a website, an exhibition, The Japan Photo Project.
Toru Morimoto (Hyogo, Japón) and Tina Bagué (Barcelona) dedicated an entire year to tour Japan from top to bottom and photograph the country to escape the stereotyped images. The ultimate goal: to create a bridge between Japan and the world, but also to reflect on the trip, tourism, cultural translation and the (im) possibility of documenting a culture.


Photo: Isolda Delgado
Poufs: Woouf!