Divendres amb… (Fridays with…) are encounters with artists and other groups that are prominent in their field. They present their work and talk about their artistic background in a casual and humorous tone. On the 29th of November, Juanjo Sáez was the guest artist.

Who is Juanjo Sáez? How much of him is in his characters? What are his influences? How were his first fanzines, “Círculo Primigenio” and “Cocinitas”? How is the current success of the graphic novel? After receiving international recognition, especially in Latin America, much has changed in the reflections that were in “El Arte. Conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre”?

Juanjo Sáez shared with us his particular creative universe which has become an essential reference in the comics.


Photo: La Familia
Poufs: Woouf!