Divendres amb… (Fridays with…) are encounters with artists and other groups that are prominent in their field. They present their work and talk about their artistic background in a casual and humorous tone. On the 25th of April, Multitouch Barcelona was the guest artist.

What exactly is the interactive art? What kind of interaction with technology will be the future? How to make easy or how involved the engineering process behind a technological product? How the idea of ​​making such a fun project as the work emerges Multitouch Space Invaders? What does the invitation as the OFFF festival, Artfutura, or a museum like MOMA?

Roger Pujol shared with us the path of a study that is establishing itself as a leader in the field of interactive art made ​​from Barcelona.


Photo: Isolda Delgado
Poufs: Woouf!