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Nobody writes letters anymore. As a result, we hardly ever look in our letter box. Why would we bother, when all that’s ever in there are bills and supermarket advertising… We could say that, with the arrival of the telephone, the habit of communicating via the written word was lost forever. Those ten-page love letters gave way hours spent on the phone. There was hardly a house that didn’t have one, and you had to hide behind the door so that your family couldn’t hear you. Ah, for the good old days! Something, however, has changed again.

In the last edition of the Sonar festival, Rafa Soto, from the Barcelona Herraiz Soto Studio, remarked that we are currently writing more than ever before. And this may well be true. Who among us doesn’t know what it´s like to spend a whole day sending WhatsApp messages? Some would say, in fact, that the same evolutionary line that transformed love letters into endless phone conversations may now be applied to the infinite number of text messages which have surely led to more than one romance. But that’s another story.


Or maybe not. The project presented by Soto, the one we want to talk about here, may even have helped you win over that special someone to whom you are sending WhatsApp messages. Let me explain – we are talking about Notegraphy, an app for Android, iPhone and web that boasts the participation of some of the world’s most renowned designers, including Alex Trochut, David Ruiz, Sarah Blake, Wete and Jessica Hische, among others. The starting point for the app was the return to the written word brought about by the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and, of course, WhatsApp. This return, however, was not accompanied by any aesthetic sense. As Soto says, “We have more skills than ever before, we are constantly writing to each other but we do so in a manner that is featureless and without any sense of aesthetics. We have the functionality but we have yet to integrate the style”. What Notegraphy does is precisely that – integrate style into your texts. The user can choose from a huge selection of backgrounds, colours and fonts and personalise the comments they post on any of the social networks. You can also consult statistics about the number of followers for your posts and create profiles, among other advantages.


We shall have to wait a while to see to what extent the project will be a success and if we, the users, are really interested in adding (aesthetic) sense to our texts. For now, we will leave you with the presentation video: