The Big Picture is a picture gallery linked to the online version of American newspaper The Boston Globe. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, its publisher, Alan Taylor, posts the most spectacular photos that have been published by different agencies, organizing them in terms of theme. That’s how this photo-blog has become one of the most comprehensive in photojournalism, with the images occupying centre stage.

Inspired by Life Magazine, National Geographic, and, this gallery publishes some top quality shots of current events, less well-known stories and, all in all, some really attention-grabbing moments. Each shot is an impressive visual record of the times we live in.


Special mention goes to The Big Caption, which complements The Big Picture, where these photos are reinterpreted by adding texts full of humour and irony. The initial formality becomes a kind of poster or postcard featuring a headline where the letter type plays a major role. Because The Big Caption wants to grab our attention through its irreverence. And it very often does.