Divendres amb… (Fridays with…) are encounters with artists and other groups that are prominent in their field. They present their work and talk about their artistic background in a casual and humorous tone. On the 25th of October, Physalia was the guest artist.

Is it possible to make the research and experimentation with new materials and creative techniques the features that characterize a study? How is a workshop in which products like robot cameras are developed to carry out a design project? Why is it important to show the making of a work? In addition to 3D animation and motion graphics, what other techniques are behind the audiovisual events for MTV, Canal +, Seat, Nokia and Volkswagen?

The design, audiovisual and motion team Physalia Studio shared with us his career, marked by a very practical philosophy: to create sometimes you need to leave away the computer.


Photo: La Familia
Poufs: Woouf!