A new year begins and with it a renewed desire to create, do more projects and learn, so with this in mind, at the outset of 2010 we’d like to introduce TUTS to those who don’t know it and remind those of you who are already familiar with it.

TUTS is a website with tutorials and resources gathered from different blogs – so far, seven in all, each one focussing on a special area:

PhotoShop and graphics (PSDTuts )

Design and web development with HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMSs, PHP, Ruby and Rails (NetTuts )

Vectors and illustration, focussed above all on Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape (VectorTuts )

Music and sound, to find recording and production techniques, etc.  (AudioTuts )

Flash Tutorial with Flash, ActionScript and Flex (AeTuts )

3D and computer Graphics, with May, 3Ds, Max, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Blender, Mudbox, etc.  (CgTuts )

Photography (PhotoTuts )

The starting point and leitmotiv for Tuts goes as follows: “If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best”. That’s why the web also features interviews with the outstanding professionals from each sector. What’s more, a permanent assembly is open making it possible to send a tutorial that could become part of the web, only after an appraisal to decide if it meets the Tuts + quality demands.


Each specific page/blog has tutorials, articles, gifts and videos. Most of the information is free, although you can also become a Plus Program member, thus being eligible for more exclusive information.

For now, we recommend bookmarking Tuts+ as one of your favorite pages and, as usual, keep on learning from it in 2010.