Divendres amb… (Fridays with…) are encounters with artists and other groups that are prominent in their field. They present their work and talk about their artistic background in a casual and humorous tone. On the 31th of January, Vasava was the guest artist.

What’s the key to make an indispensable study of graphic communication? What are the benefits that father and son are the co-founders of the project and work together? What has changed in the design world over 16 years of Vasava? How does a studio that develops cross-media projects work? What is the leitmotif “the journey is the destination”? How commercial projects for brands such as Adobe, Diesel, Nike and Mango combine with personal work?

Toni and Bruno Selles shared with us the experience that has consolidated Vasava in the field of graphic communication at national and international level.


Photo: Isolda Delgado
Poufs: Woouf!