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Bigas Luna. Video presentation

Bigas Luna fulfils his sponsorship of the project with a video creation specially designed for each new destination of the travelling project. This piece is shown as a welcome to the exhibition.
The first video was created for the exhibition of ArtsMoved in This Is Not A Gallery (Buenos Aires), in November 2009 and it was on display during the event in the particular window that connects the gallery with the street.

Click on this link to see the video: www.vimeo.com/7865163

Bigas Luna is a filmmaker, scriptwriter and a versatile artist. His work includes plastic painting as well as photography, video art and film making. He is the project sponsor.
Outstanding filmography: Bilbao (1978); Caniche (1979); Las edades de Lulú (1990); Jamón, jamón (1992); Huevos de oro (1993); La teta y la luna (1994); Lumière et compagnie (1996); La camarera del Titanic (1997); Volavérunt (1999); Son de mar (2001); Yo soy la Juani (2006).